General Council

Job description:

· Be familiar with financial business mode, guide and regulate business according to laws and regulations;

· Make research and demonstration of legal compliance in terms of various innovative businesses about       science, technology and finance, get involved in legal design of lending, and transaction mode;

· Be responsible for the setup of the legal risk management and control system in the company, evade legal risk of corporate operation and management;

· Get involved in the design of products such as lending, transaction and etc., evaluate potential risk of products, put forward improvement suggestions, guarantee the legality of products;

· Review various kinds of contracts, systems and legal documents of the company, establish the contract review system and procedures;

· Participate in investigation and survey of company projects, evaluate existing legal risks and issue legal opinions;

· Follow up the latest international legal trends, maintain contact with external judicial resources;  

· Establish control measures of lawsuit business risks in beforehand prevention, in-process control and after-event summary of lawsuit disputed cases;

Job requirements:

· Candidates who have relevant legal experience for five years, ever worked in international law firms or have the background of studying abroad in the major of law are preferred;

· Have proficient ability in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, be able to take English as the  main working language;

· Have relatively strong specialty foundation, have logical judgment and analytical ability towards various kinds of legal affairs, have strong sense of responsibility;

· Have considerate legal thinking, be able to compile a complete set of agreement text according to some innovative financial services, make reasonable adjustment and optimization of cooperative agreement according to business changes continuously;

· Be familiar with relevant legal provisions and policies about domestic and international finance, be able to set up optimal legal structure towards emerging business;

· Be able to coordinate operating department to do a good job in the design of cooperative schemes, the negotiation about cooperation details, handle relevant consulting of operating department;

· Have down-to-earth and meticulous style of work, good communication ability, team management ability and teamwork spirit;

· Candidates with the qualification certificate of judicial examination or the lawyer’s practicing license are preferred.

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