Job Responsibilities:

1. Make in-depth communication with CEO and president in terms of product strategy and positioning, according to company products and user needs, integrate the situation about market survey to make product planning and implementation, carry out schedule management and etc., lead product team to make high-efficiency creation;

2. Be responsible for product positioning, process positioning of user experience and product design;

3. Promote, coordinate and control product planning, research and development work, guarantee effective implementation of product demands;

4. Be responsible for continuous product upgrade, continuously improve customer satisfaction and loyalty;

5. Have insight into user needs, make user survey, make analysis of the industry and competitive products, follow up the latest development trend, and submit analysis report.

Job requirements:

1. Candidates who graduated from famous institutions at home and abroad, have academic background of bachelor degree or above, have working experience in internet product management for over eight years, have BAT background or development experience of C-end products in domestic famous internet company are preferred;

3. Be able to take English as the working language to make barrier-free communication with CEO, have team management experience for more than five years;

4. Have excellent interactive design ability, have relatively high requirements for product design, pursue perfect user experience, make successful planning of more than three models of internet products and get them online; it is best to have product experience in financial lending or trading.

5. Have rich design experience, have sufficient sensitivity to novel things, have jump thinking, have unique opinion and understanding;

6. Be enthusiastic about work, have strong innovative spirit, be full of the sense of responsibility, be able to bear pressure at work;

7.  Show strong interest in block chain technology, sci-tech and financial products.

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