• Assist CEO in formulating corporate strategy, preside over the establishment of corporate financial strategic planning;
  • Establish scientific and systematic financial accounting system and financial supervision & control system in conformity with practical situation of the enterprise, and carry out effective internal control;
  • Formulate fund operation plan of the company, supervise fund management report, budge and final accounts, formulate financial accounting scheme and tax planning scheme of the company;
  • Participate in risk assessment of significant investment projects and operating activities, carry out guidance and follow-up work, and implement financial risk control;
  • Provide specialized financial analysis and decision-making basis for the development of corporate operation business, foreign investment and etc.;
  • Coordinate relationship between the company and government departments including bank, industrial and commercial department, tax administration and etc., maintain corporate interests;
  • Complete other tasks temporarily assigned by CEO.

Job requirements:

  • Candidates with bachelor degree or above graduating from relevant majors in key universities such as financial management and etc. candidates with overseas working experience or background of studying broad are preferred;
  • Have good ability in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, and good communication ability;
  • Candidates with professional title of senior accountant or certified public accountant and with experience in senior financial management work for more than eight years are preferred;
  • Act as CFO or play the part as CFO in the past five years.
  • Be familiar with relevant laws and regulations on accounting, audit, tax, financial management and etc. as well as corporate financial system and process;
  • Have outstanding ability in financial analysis, financing and fund management, be proficient in internal financial accounting and control system of the company;
  • Have outstanding communication ability and emergency handling capacity, have good professional ethics.

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