Full Stack Engineer

Blockstack is a new internet for decentralized apps. With Blockstack, you own your data and maintain your privacy, security and freedom. Blockstack is open source project and a public benefit corporation. Learn more.


Blockstack is looking for experienced full-stack engineers to help build our browser for decentralized apps. This is a role for engineers who can collaborate with a team to architect and deliver feature upgrades and improvements. Engineering partners in this role have built features such as multiplayer storage. This person must be comfortable working in diverse development ecosystems and a have worked independently in a rapidly scaling startup. 


Things you'll work on:

- Implement Blockstack feature upgrades, improvements, and architectural builds 

- Collaborate with a team to ship major product builds 

- Deliver on rapid implementation schedules to build web functionality that is fast, scalable, and upholds smart development goals and principles

- Keep our users happy by maintaining the software, troubleshooting and fixing bugs.



- You have built a fully functioning, polished app 

- 5+ years professional development experience



- Familiar with back-end languages and environments like Python and NodeJS, experience with SQL and other database systems

- Familiar with front-end languages like Javascript with toolkits like React

- Comfortable working on multiple codebases, with the ability to quickly understand new projects and tooling systems

- Experience integrating codebases with traditional authentication protocols like OAuth

- High-level understanding of public-private key encryption protocols

-  Experience writing services interacting with cloud storage (such as EC2) 

- Experience working for a rapidly scaling start-up 

- Detail-orientation throughout the web engineering lifecycle

- Passion for delivering high-quality web functionality with quick turnaround times

- An open source project on GitHub with 25+ stars


Qualities & Traits:

- Passion for building the new internet for decentralized apps  

- Strong problem-solving skills, ability to think fast and thoroughly 

- Proactive solution provider 

- Excellent communication

We get a lot of applicants, and have historically hired people who are proactively involved in our work and mission of decentralizing the internet. We hope you explore our WhitepaperBrowserGithub, and Slack prior to submitting your resume.

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