P2P Network Engineer

I'm sure by now you've heard about the Streamr project? https://www.streamr.com

Do you want to build something completely new and pioneering, and be a part of the decentralization revolution? Have you worked on or contributed to these technologies/protocols: Whisper, Swarm, libp2p, Matrix, Signal? Or maybe you’ve contributed to Ethereum in some significant way? In fact, are you an Ethereum co-founder, interested in another token incentivized adventure in Finland?? 

Streamr (based in Zug, Switzerland) is creating an open source platform for the free and fair exchange of the world’s real-time data. Our blockchain-backed data Marketplace and powerful tools put your data back where it belongs – with you!

Data in Chains (based in Helsinki) is the primary development arm for Streamr. We have a dozen highly talented software engineers and blockchain specialists who are hard at work building the Streamr Platform in conjunction with Streamr developers in Switzerland. 

The first 2 parts of the Streamr Platform, relevant to this open position:

Data Marketplace

A storefront for the world’s data streams. It categorizes, bundles, sorts and showcases all available data, both free and commercial on the Streamr Network, and acts as a single common interface for bringing together data buyers and sellers, who transact using $DATA. And we don’t take a transaction fee. (Released at Consensus in NY on Wednesday May 16th!!) 

Streamr Network

Your real-time data will travel through our decentralized peer-to-peer Network, hosted on computers around the globe. Our scalable, low-latency transport layer built for real-time dApps as well as data streams on the Marketplace will be supported by nodes who earn $DATA in exchange for the bandwidth and validation they provide.

(The remaining 4 parts of the Streamr Platform are Smart Contracts, Ethereum, Visual Editor, and Streamr Engine. More info about these at: https://www.streamr.com)

After the Marketplace is built, Streamr’s core devs will then focus on building our decentralized network which will serve as the underlying infrastructure supporting those decentralized data driven applications. 

So, in this P2P Network Engineer job you will:

  • Participate in planning and implementation of the Streamr Network 
  • Dig deep into technical topics of the network, such as protocols, routing, peer discovery, NAT traversal, multiplexing, encryption, security 
  • Help decide on libraries and languages to use in the implementation 
  • Help build APIs for the network node 
  • Work together with the overall Streamr team to make the Network layer work seamlessly with other components of the Streamr system and the companion blockchain (in the beginning, Ethereum) 
  • This will be an open source project, and you will have some pretty significant responsibility in building it, full of challenges (and unknown unknowns) 


  • Advanced programming skills in JavaScript, Go, Java, or similar 
  • Working experience with P2P networking and related protocols 
  • Interest in decentralized technology and blockchains 
  • Excellent English and communication skills 

We Appreciate this Experience:

  • Familiarity with relevant network protocols and libraries used in the decentralized/blockchain space (Whisper, PPS (Swarm), libp2p, devp2p) 
  • Contributions to blockchains or other P2P networks 
  • Experience with end-to-end encrypted messaging protocols (Matrix, Signal) 
  • Cryptography experience in general 
  • Ethereum smart contract development in Solidity 
  • Experience with real-time data or messaging 
  • Math skills and analytical thinking 

Our company continues to grow, is profitable, and is turning heads left and right due to our exclusive development muscle concentrating on the Streamr project. Our office in Helsinki is right downtown, across from the main train station. We share synergy with another software company, Sujuwa, and we share synergy with our virtual Streamrteam from Switzerland. 

You have the option of working in Finland, or Switzerland. Or from home if you are a technical wizard. You have the option of earning a highly competitive salary in Euros, or you can combine it with Streamr DATAcoins, a.k.a., $DATA. 

Ready for your next adventure? Apply here with your CV, or send your CV and cover letter to jobs@datainchains.comwith the Subject entitled ‘P2P’. Looking forward to getting to know you! 

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