Quant Product Owner

Merkle is looking for a PM to define financial indexes based both on traditional financial market and blockchain data. The PM will define the indexes, run statistical analysis, and iterate on their definition. We are looking for someone with market finance experience (or acumen), stats background, and a good understanding of blockchain transaction behaviors.

You will work closely with Louis (CEO) and the data science team.

Our ideal candidate: 
- understand market finance and has trading experience 
- has a statistics background and is fluent in python for data analysis 
- has a good understanding of blockchain transactions 
- understands the role and the operations of the main crypto financial institutions and the different financial institutions 
- is data driven, excellent at prioritizing, and communicates sharply 
- is good at listing out assumptions and validate/invalidate them quickly with little resources 
- hussles her/his way

The responsibilities of the junior PM will be to help Louis (CEO) to: 
- define indexes 
- refine indexes based on statistical analysis and client inputs 
- pitch indexes to clients 
- perform ad hoc market research

Most importantly, the PM excited to be part of and work with Merkle people:

i. We are united as a group of unique individuals 
ii. We deliver high quality on a timely manner 
iii. We are psyched about innovation 
iv. We are humble builders and leaders 
v. We are learning altogether 
vi. We are transparent at work

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