Software Engineer, Data Systems

CoinDesk is the number one media player in the hypergrowth world of blockchain & digital assets. We help seasoned professionals and those that are brand new stay current on the evolving industry with digital media content and data.

The ideal fit for this role thrives in a fast-paced, startup environment and has worked on production systems at scale. As a Software Engineer, Data Systems, you will spend the majority of your time designing, implementing, testing, and maintaining data heavy, back-end services. This may include developing ETL pipelines, data modelling, developing APIs and spinning up full nodes of cryptoassets to derive features and analytical insights. You will work with the broader engineering and product team to deliver robust features.

Top Reasons to Work for CoinDesk:

  • We are the #1 media player dedicated to blockchain
  • We have seen unprecedented growth, with audience growing 400% year-over-year
  • Help build out the foundation of product and engineering culture at one of the fastest growing blockchain companies in New York

Our Stack:

  • Wordpress and React on the application front end 
  • Full stack javascript on the client and server for backend systems 
  • Postgres, Redis, Mysql
  • Hosting and deployment on AWS
  • Docker

Required skills and experience include:

  • 5+ years of experience with backend technology (Node, Python, etc. )
  • 2+ year of experience with Node.js
  • 2+ years of front-end development (React, Angular, etc.)

Preferred Experience and Qualifications:

  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in a technical discipline (computer science, electrical engineering)
  • Experience with Database architecture, ETL pipelines, A strong understanding of the blockchain ecosystem

About the Culture:

CoinDesk is a small company with incredible ambition. We care about the work that we do and about our mission to inform and educate this rapidly growing audience. You will have an immediate impact on the growth of CoinDesk. We are not siloed, so it’s important that you can communicate across departments and offer support even if it falls outside the job description. Ultimately, we’re a close-knit team that takes huge pride in the opportunity we have. We want you to join that.

Contact Information:

Please send your resume to with your resume, any relevant project or github links and a short cover letter about why you want to join CoinDesk.

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