Research & Growth Lead

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Civil: Powering Sustainable Journalism Throughout The World

The Civil Media Company is the decentralized journalism marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain. As an open source technology platform with a goal of making it financially viable and sustainable for independent journalists to make a living developing and expanding independent news, we are looking for a Research & Growth Lead to lead the development, analysis and dissemination of financial insights, market projections and recommended/best practice business processes for independent publishers (newsrooms) to utilize and ensure their own long-term sustainability on the Civil platform. Internally, this role will also work closely with the Operations and Ecosystem Leads to identify, assess and recommend viable new markets and revenue growth opportunities for the Civil Media Company. 

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  • This position is critical to ensuring the success of our newsmakers. You must be passionate both about building an ecosystem in which journalism can thrive, and helping Civil soundly bring quality journalism to new, high impact markets. The ideal candidate should be knowledgeable on marketplace strategy and it’s accompanying financial opportunities and difficulties. You should have a background in financial modeling, accounting and creative problem solving. This is not a run of the mill analyst position. An individual who can thrive in this role must have high emotional intelligence, sound business acumen, and interest in non-hierarchical decision making. You should have a desire to grow with the company - encompassing not only growing your technical skills but building your managerial, teamwork, training and mentorship abilities.

    We don't require media experience, but a working knowledge of the space is encouraged and our journalism-focused mission should resonate with you. You will be integral to channeling our mission into a delightful product experience and elegant technology stack.

    You are be incredibly hands on, entrepreneurial, and willing to roll up your sleeves whenever necessary. You thrive as a supportive teammate and are ambitious, strategic, analytical, creative, reliable, open-minded, and passionate. You will be part of a growing team and must have an adaptive and ambitious mindset, ready and willing to take on new and bigger challenges daily.

    Required Skills and Experience:
    • Minimum of 5 years business operations experience
    • Strong organizational, problem-solving and analytical skills
    • High emotional intelligence
    • Strong ability to prioritize opportunities across impact and feasibility

    Our journalism-focused mission should resonate with you. You will be part of a growing team and must have an adaptive and ambitious mindset, ready and willing to take on new and bigger challenges daily.

    Competitive salary and equity/token opportunity.
    Top notch healthcare, including dental, vision and mental.
    Family leave
    Unlimited, unplug-enforced vacation
    Working at Civil
    Fulfilling our mission requires building a phenomenal team. At Civil we are building an open, trustworthy and transformative work environment and career opportunity for our teammates to do their best work.

    We believe performance is measured at the team level, not the individual. We don’t believe in traditional hierarchy or corporate structure. Instead, we intend to create a more dynamic and synchronous organization of self-managing individuals and high-performing teams.

    We believe in vesting as much autonomy & freedom into the individual as possible while still maintaining cohesion within teams and as an organization as a whole. We believe star players expect a vast range of responsibility, to make decisions quickly and without hesitation, and to manage their own priorities fluidly. However, with this level of freedom and our need for consistent cohesion, Civil teammates also recognize the huge premium we place on communication, context, inclusion, and feedback.

    We aim to constantly improve ourselves as teammates and individuals through frequent feedback & radical listening. Consistent, proactive communication and feedback becomes a tool for ideas, higher-quality execution and personal and team development. Additionally, we support each other through collaborative coaching & mentorship.

    We place great value on happiness, holistic health, personal space and well-roundedness. We are committed to fostering an inclusive, diverse, and open culture that allows you to bring your whole self to work. Furthermore, we respect the fact that everyone has personal lives and families and we encourage balance and attention to personal wellbeing. We believe peace of mind and the drive for continuous improvement are personal requirements for working at the top of one's game.

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