Director of Marketing

The Argon Group is the largest investment bank catering to capital raising through digital finance, blockchain investments and the cryptocurrency sector. 

We are looking for a Director of Marketing to lead token sales and the firm across all channels in the marketing mix. Your responsibilities would include :

  • Ideally you know and understand the blockchain and crypto space
  • Own the strategy and full cycle of marketing, including: lead generation, marketing operations, market analysis, product and pricing strategy, marketing communications, channel marketing, digital marketing, public relations.
  • Develop and execute a clearly defined marketing and external communications strategy 
  • Create and deliver a comprehensive brand and advertising strategy across all channels and audiences, ensuring consistency across all audiences and media 
  • Conduct, analyze, and report on market research.

You will have have:

  • ​8+ years of marketing experience, able to hack a creative marketing plan. Oversee online growth channels, blogs, and resources, social, influencer, display/retargeting, paid acquisition, social, affiliates, and referral programs.
  • Strong knowledge of digital and social media
  • Hyper-attentive to detail with regards to presence, copy, and brand. Takes initiative and thrives in a fast-paced startup environment, all with a scrappy data-driven focus.
  • Familiar with metrics and growth strategies to increase user-base.
  • Establish growth metrics, forecasting traffic and conversions to investor participation
  • Present performance analysis
  • Manage a small team of marketing, content and social experts

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