Event Planner


1、Independently complete the event process planning and implement the plan;

2、Have the monitoring standards for key links and the ability to guide them;

3、Maintain the entire process of the event to ensure implement event effectively and complete the event evaluation;

4、Able to continuously develop and grasp the various resources support for the event; Able to carry out event site as good overall planning, management and coordination and ensure the smooth connection of each event process and achieve the event effect;

5、According to the needs of the event, complete the preliminary investigation, promotion planning, campaign and other implementation work;




1、More than three years of experience in event planning process management;

2、Successful activities and planning and implementation experiences for community activities, salon activities, large-scale summits, etc.; Preference for investment, technology, finance, and other industry experiences;

3、With excellent communication skills and public relations skills; Have forward thinking;

4、Clear target and good at handling issues flexibly; Has excellent planning ability;

5、Clear thinking and act with caution;

6、Fluent in Chinese and English with solid written skills;

6、Creative, good learning ability, daring to take responsibility; And the ability to work in a fast-paced and demanding environment. 

7、Good at Word, Excel, Power Point

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