Marketing Manager


1. Collect,organize,analyze and inference to formulate marketing strategies based on data (industry, competitors, customers).

2. Allocate resources rationally, deliver customer and company brand values to target markets, and enhance brand image

3. According to the project, formulate and implement public relations activities to ensure the media publicity effect;

4. Dig deeper and expand (customer, company) brand,comprehensive management from multiple levels such as brand positioning and brand promotion;

5. Maintain extensive contacts and good relations with the news media, the public, government agencies, associations, etc. and increase their visibility

6. Conduct market research and analysis, study the development of peers and industry, and conduct regular market forecasts and analysis



  1. Bachelor degree or above, more than five years related work experience, professional English writing and oral communication skills.
  2. Experienced in technology, the financial industry. Relevant work experience in blockchain industry is preferred.
  3. Experienced in Content Marketing operations; familiar with Content Marketing strategies and channels; know well about new media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), PR, KOL, etc.
  4. Being able to organize press conferences, exclusive interviews and other public relations activities independently; skilled in composing press releases and other public relations documents.
  5. Self-driver has a strong sense of responsibility, strong teamwork ability and learning ability, strong communication ability, targeted communication mode and channel for different content/activities.
  6. Strong business development ability, rich industry resources or ability to establish quickly, have good negotiation and win-win cooperation.

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