Head Ambassador

About Hedera Hashgraph:

We are a revolutionary company built around a revolutionary technology, the hashgraph consensus algorithm. The platform is lightning fast, secure, and fair, and ideally suited to be the world’s first massadopted public distributed ledger.  Our vision is a cyberspace that is trusted, secure, and without the need for central servers. Join us and say, hello future.

We operate at a fast pace and have ambitious plans. We balance our enthusiasm with a measured approach to risk, and have raised approximately $100 million, sufficient funding for well over five years of operations.

We are excited to launch the Hedera Ambassador Program for individuals that are passionate about helping evangelize our mission. We are looking for someone who is ready to embrace the hustle, and join our cause to forever change the internet and the world. This individual must be confident, hardworking, and flexible with hours.

Ambassadors support their local regions by building valuable consumer relationships on behalf of our brand through integrated sales and marketing strategies. They initiate sales and marketing plans and build brand loyalty through consumer engagement. Our team is passionate about emerging technologies, has a clear understanding of our products and is excited to share its knowledge.

Head Ambassador:

As Head Ambassador you should be enthusiastic and outgoing with a considerable social media presence and a strong network. In this role you will oversee the entire Ambassador Program of over 200 ambassadors. You must be able to motivate, inspire and lead the entire ambassador ecosystem.

Objectives and Responsibilities:

  • Finding, assessing and onboarding new ambassadors.
  • Developing and nurturing relationships with existing meetup hosts, projects, social celebrities, venues/incubators, system integrators, food sponsors, etc. in your area.
  • Discovering new ways to make the program better.
  • Leading monthly ambassador-wide calls.
  • Working closely with the Social Team to promote all Meetups.
  • Work with our Social Media Analysts to set goals, analyze and grow the program.

All Ambassadors Must:

  • Be the voice and representative of Hedera in your region and / or virtual community.
  • Drive awareness and execute marketing campaigns to spread the word about the company.
  • Identify and facilitate partnership opportunities where possible.
  • Organize monthly meetups in your city and host Hedera team members.
  • Communicate product knowledge in an educated and energetic way to eager consumers.
  • Post event responsibilities include reporting, surveying, inventory tracking and equipment storage.
  • Provide community feedback to our Marketing Team.
  • Beta test platform innovations.

The Perfect Ambassador:

  • Will have a passion for helping others.
  • Is a respected voice within their community and industry.
  • Is only interested in long-term relationships and advocating for one brand.

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